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My specialization was in fisheries. In 1999, I obtained a certificate in Fisheries from National School of Agriculture in Prek Leap, Cambodia. In 2003, I obtained Bachelor Degree in Fisheries Science from the Royal University of Agriculture (RUA) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

After graduation, I worked as a volunteer for Enfant & Development as a community animator assistant based in Kompong Speu province for 3 months. In 2004, from June to November, I attended internship program in Cambodian Center for Study and Development in Agriculture (CEDAC). Then, in 2005, I was recruited by CEDAC to work as a farmer community facilitator (FCF) based in Svay Rieng province (JFPR-SR project). There, I was responsible for organizing ecological agriculture training for farmer groups. From January 2006 to June 2007, I worked for Cambodia Media Forum on Environment (CMFE) as project officer responsible for fund raising and project management. Working with CMFE, I had an opportunity to participate in a six-month training program on Human Right and Environment at Earth Right School-Mekong, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

From June 2007 to July 2008, I worked with Fisheries Action Coalition Team (FACT) as project officer responsible for monitoring ADB projects, conducting field research and producing publications. Furthermore, I attended various meetings with River Coalition in Cambodia (RCC), a NGOs working on the impact of destructive development projects especially for dam development in Mekong mainstream and its tributaries as well as other areas in Cambodia and trans-bounder.

Even I have been involved in many works and training courses on social and environmental impacts from development projects, my professional capability in conducting research is still needed to be improved. Thus, I was very happy when I saw the announcement from www.cambodiajobblogspot.com about the master scholarship from ASEAN Foundation for Gender, Transportation and Development course at AIT. GTD is fitted to my interest, education background and working experiences. I applied for the course with the expectation to gain much of knowledge on social science’s methodology, theories and analytical framework to improve my working and research skills. I have my strong will to utilize knowledge and experience gained from the program to create positive influence on decision makers, researchers, and scholars for sustainable development of the GMS countries in the long run.

I really enjoy learning subjects offered under GTD. GTD has given me an opportunity to gain useful knowledge and concepts to be applied for my research on transportation development in Cambodia. Cambodia is a developing country where transportation is one of the important sectors to be promoted for country development. With support form several international donors such as International Financial Institutes (IFIs), World Bank, and Asian Development Bank (ADB), our government is trying to construct more roads all over the country especially highway road linking Cambodia and other GMS countries for the promotion of regional economic growth. Currently, many road construction projects in Cambodia have given more attention in social and environmental impacts from the project but gender related issues are not much in the focus. With my best effort, I will seek for appropriate development methods to promote positive impacts of infrastructure development on gender, environment and social conditions in Cambodia.

Name: Mr. Keat Kunthea
Country of Origin: Cambodia

I graduated with a higher diploma degree majoring in Civil Engineering from the National University of Lao. I have been working in the Town Planning Division of Public Works and Transport Institute (PTI), Ministry of Public Works and Transport of Lao PDR, for the last 10 years. As part of my job, I am responsible for urban town planning.

I participated in this program without the formal education in Transport Engineering and Gender Development but I found that GTD is very interesting program and would largely foster my experience and skills since it provides useful technique and knowledge related to my work. The professional training in AIT has given me an opportunity to learn latest technologies in transport management and development.   

AIT is very famous for international students since it offers several programs taught by experienced teachers who have their strong will to convey their knowledge for human resources development. I am very happy for the opportunity given to me by ASEAN Foundation to pursue my study in AIT.

After completing my Master study, I will go back to my own country and apply new knowledge and skills to my work at PTI. I will also share my knowledge and skills to my colleagues as well as provincial and district staffs. I will also cooperate with international organizations to improve and develop my country.

Name: Mr. Chanthavisith Chanthoumphone
Country of Origin: Lao PDR

I had my Bachelor degree in Engineering from Yangon Technological University, Myanmar. I have been working in Ministry of Progress of Border Areas and National Races and Development Affairs of Myanmar for the last four and a half years. I worked as a junior engineer from March 2004 to April 2004, as a sub-assistant engineer from April 2004 to August 2005 and as assistant engineer from August 2005 to present. My responsibilities cover mapping survey, urban and rural road design and building and rural water supply infrastructure construction.

Before joining GTD, I had a very limited idea about the relation of transportation system and gender development. Through several lectures, reading materials, websites and group discussions with my classmates who came from GMS countries, I have learnt that transportation development is one of the important factors promoting gender development. I will try to improve my sense in GTD and apply the knowledge and techniques learnt from AIT to solve problems relating to the infrastructure planning and management in my country especially on equitable and sustainable development for women and men. Gender development should be taken into consideration of every transportation system project.

In this regard, I would like to express my gratitude to ASEAN Foundation for giving me a great opportunity to study in GTD at AIT. After completing Master degree from AIT, I believe that I will have enough knowledge and skills especially in transportation management and development to further develop my career. I will put my great effort to study in GTD.
My country is a developing country. We have been facing with many problems on transportation and gender development. After my graduation, I will participate in solving those problems as much as I can to promote an equitable and sustainable development of infrastructure planning and management system. As an assistant engineer in Department of Development Affairs responsible for the implementation of development works in both urban and rural areas, I shall impart my experience and technology to the next generation who should be shouldering future task of our nation.

Name: Mr. Nyan Htat Aung
Country of Origin: Myanmar

After completing my Bachelor degree in Information Engineering from Military Technical Academy, Vietnam, I had been working in Vietnam Road Administration (VRA), the national road management department. There, I worked in several positions related to information technology. As part of my job, I was responsible for developing and managing the road infrastructure’s information system. I joined several external aided projects at the VRA and those aim to improve the management and operation’s efficiency of the national road network as well as strengthen the road transport safety and technological transfer. Apart from the technical exposure, I also assisted the officers in procurement and management units to monitor and evaluate national road projects.

Working without formal education in transportation is one of the drawbacks in my professional career. The “Capacity Building for Gender, Poverty and Mobility Analysis of Road Transportation Development in GMS Region” project implemented by Asian Institute of Technology with the support from Japan-ASEAN solidarity fund of ASEAN Foundation has brought me a great opportunity to participate and study in the Gender, Transportation and Development Area of Study (GTD). The professional training in AIT would foster my knowledge and skills on road transportation management and development.

After joining the course, I feel that AIT has an excellent environment for not only getting knowledge but also exchanging international culture and communication. I am very happy with educational atmosphere and facilities in AIT.

My own country, Vietnam, was rated as one of the best performers in the socio-economic development by international agencies like the World Bank. Particularly in the road sector, the country level organisation like VRA is putting lots of effort to develop and implement the latest models and the best practices. Currently, our government is carrying out various programs and schemes to strengthen organisations responsible for road and socio-economic development. The GTD would strengthen my professional capability to response to different development programs effectively which would further improve internal capacity within my organisation.

Name: Mr. Nguyen Khanh Toan
Country of Origin: Vietnam


Diploma Students


I completed my bachelor degree from the Royal University of Law and Economic in the field of Economic Development in 2006. I also completed another bachelor degree in English Literature from Western University in 2007. I have been working for Cambodian Economic Association (CEA) as an Administrative Assistant for about one year, and at the same time I also did my an internship at Cambodia Development Resource Institute (CDRI).

GTD is very interesting program since it is the combination of engineering and social science. Transportation sector is very important for developing country like Cambodia. However, implementing any transportation project without considering gender perspective would lead to the failure of transportation development in the long run.

GTD has given me an opportunity to learn more about gender and transportation from both social and engineering aspects. This has enhanced my understanding on the issues of gender and transportation in different countries which can be applied in Cambodia.

After few weeks in AIT, I have learnt a lot from GTD. I am not only gaining knowledge from the coursework but also learning different cultures through my interaction with classmates from different countries.

Cambodia’s transportation system is poor comparing to other developing countries. Most transportation projects in Cambodia have been implemented without taken gender issue into their consideration. Thus, I will use knowledge gained from GTD to fill this gap to promote an equal benefits for both women and men.

Name: Ms. Sry Sopheany
Country of Origin: Cambodia

I completed a Bachelor degree in General Business Administration from faculty of Economic and Business Administration, the National University of Laos, in 2006. Then, I worked for Continuing and Distance Education Center (CDEC) of National University of Laos as an assistance tutor for 1 year. There, I had an opportunity to share my experience and knowledge to students who are the future back bone of our nation. Afterward, I worked at Oji-Lao Plantation Forest Company Limited (LPFL) in social development department. I could encourage my company see the role of education in promoting socio-economic development of people living in remote areas.

I do not have any idea on gender and transportation development before. AIT and Japan-ASEAN solidarity fund of ASEAN Foundation have brought me a great opportunity to participate and study in GTD. After joining this program, I can see that there are several communities and people who are facing with the problem of gender inequality and low accessibility to transportation infrastructure. For me, GTD is an importance course to promote people to be more concern of effect of transportation development on equitable and sustainable development for women and men. I am very happy with my study life and friendship at AIT.

For my future aim, I have strong intention to bring knowledge and experiences gained from this program to promote social and economic development of my country as well as other ASEAN counties. Upon the completion of the program, I will go back to my home country and establish TOT (Training of Trainer) program for heads of villages and government staffs who do not have an opportunity to join this program for the promotion of social and economic development in their local areas.

Name: Mr. Vinay Keokhamphanh
Country of Origin: Lao PDR

In 2007, I obtained my bachelor degree in Law from University of Pyay, Myanmar. During my study, I have learnt a lot about gender related problems. After completing my study, I worked for MMRD (Myanmar Marking and Research Services) in Yangon as a senior researcher.

I am very interested in GTD since transport is one of the key components promoting sustainable economic development among rural people. Gender impact evaluation in transportation sector is also an important method to monitor and enhance the effectiveness of the investment.

After joining the program, I have realized that transportation development and gender impact assessment are needed to be promoted in Myanmar. In Myanmar, there are many under-developed areas where lots of people are facing with transportation and gender difficulties. In my opinion, knowledge and technique gained from GTD would play an important role in solving these difficulties for the development of my country.

My greatest aim is to be a good GTD expert. I am eager to extend my knowledge level more and more. I have my great desire to help the people with my knowledge and skills. Thus, after my graduation, I would like to continue my career in this field. I have a plan to join any organization working for marginalize people. Merging my knowledge in Law and GTD, I wish I could create positive changes in Myanmar society.

Name: Ms. Swe Zin Linn Phyu
Country of Origin: Myanmar

I graduated from National Economics University (NEU), Vietnam, in July 2007. After that, I worked for NEXIA ACPA-An Auditing and Consulting Company-as Audit Assistant until July 2008. At NEXIA ACPA, I worked with several international non-government organizations (NGOs) and this has drawn my interest to development field. I wished that I would have a chance to contribute my knowledge and skills to develop my country.

In May 2008, I was informed about the scholarship granted by ASEAN Foundation for students from the GMS countries to study at AIT. GTD is very interesting program. Also, in my perception, AIT is a prestigious international university in ASEAN. Thus, I do believe that studying in GTD at AIT will bring me the best opportunity to enlarge my knowledge and experience in development field especially those related to gender and transportation development.

Several courses taught by experienced lecturers using examples of real situations in different countries are very useful. With good study environment at AIT and my effort, I believe that I will gain useful knowledge and experience from GTD and will be able to utilize them to improve situations in Vietnam.   

Name: Ms. Le Thi Thanh Huyen
Country of Origin: Vietnam


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